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Château La Rose Brisson


From17,00 €bottle

Wine of tradition

1 star for the vintage 2009 on the Hachette Guide of French wines 2013!!

The original blending of this wine gives to it an original taste (85% Merlot and 15% of Cabernet Sauvignon) whose let you appreciate his red fruit ripened, seasoned with toasty and vanilla notes.

His very pleasant feminity, revealed by a full flavored and generous structure in your mouth, gives you opportunities to share a meal or a relaxing time with charm and elegance.

Young, it could be match with white or grilled red meat. Older, it would be lovely with sweet and soft cheese.

It must be served from 62 to 68 Fahrenheit degrees, in this way you will express all the potential aromas present in this bottle of wines!